Here is a schedule of our meetings for the year. Note them in your calendar.

Meetings are from 2pm – 4pm, with the lecture starting at 2:30pm, unless noted otherwise. Meetings in the Summertime months, namely February, March, October and November are evening meetings and run from  7pm – 9pm, with the lecture starting at 7:30pm, again unless noted otherwise.

There is time for refreshments and catching up before and after the lectures. Meetings are usually held on the first Sunday from February to December, but if this falls on a Public Holiday, the meeting is held a week later. For more details of each lecture, see the Newsletter for that month.

Venue for all Meetings             119 Queen Street, Northcote

Sunday, 2nd Feb 2014      Speaker:  Ken Ring, On his Weather Prediction method
                                                                         Note start time is 7pm

Sunday, 2nd Mar 2014     Speaker:  Bill Watson, Put Another Log on the Fire: 2014,                                                                                Year of the Wood Horse.
                                                                         Note start time is 2pm 

Sunday, 6th Apr 2014      Speaker:  Darren Carville, The Sacred Geometry of Astrology                                                                    See here for details                                                                                                                                     Note start time is 7pm

Sunday, 4th May 2014     Speaker:  Peter Vaughan, You and The Individual Journey,                                                                            (and the relationships you’ll experience on life’s path)      

Sunday, 8th Jun 2014      Speaker: Leah Van der Merwe and Kath Tutill, Horary                                                                                 Questions and Discussion

Sunday, 6th Jul 2014       Speaker:  Carmel Treacy, Barry Crump

Sunday, 3rd Aug 2014      Speaker:  Fern Mercier, Bad Men’s Horoscopes

Sunday, 7th Sep 2014       Speaker:  Group discussion, The NZ General Election

Sunday, 5th Oct 2014       AGM:       Note start time is 6:30pm Followed by
                                                   Speaker:   Christine Broadbent, Astrology, Divination and                                                                            Magic – are they the same beast?

Sunday, 2nd Nov 2014     Speaker:  To be advised
                                                                       Note start time is 7pm

Sunday, 7th Dec 2014      Christmas Party:   Note start time is 2pm