New Zealand Journal of Astrology

Below is a selection of some of our finest journal articles. But first,

About our Journal

The New Zealand Journal of Astrology is a quality astrology magazine printed and published in New Zealand by the Astrology Foundation Inc.

Inside its pages you will find thought-provoking articles by some of the world’s best astrologers, plus book & software reviews, chart data and news. Contributors to the Journal have included overseas astrologers Nicholas Campion, Deborah Houlding, Doris Greaves, John Frawley, Sue Ward, Robert Zoller, Noël Tyl, Georgia Stathis and Murray Beauchamp. Our New Zealand contributors have included Fern Mercier, Carol Squires, Hamish Saunders, Christine Broadbent, Colleen Coffey, Hilary Downey and Raewyn Collins.

The journal is published three times  a year, and each issue has a variety of articles written by both local astrologers and also articles that come to our Editor’s attention from some of the top astrologers around the world that would be of interest to our readership. Our articles are also featured to the right of each page to catch your eye. If you are interested in what you read, and would like to receive our journal, check out the options by clicking here.

A Selection of articles from our Journal that we are proud to showcase

More articles are added from each journal issued, so please check back with us again.