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Here are some examples of recent events held by AFI. Watch this space for new events.

Oct 13, 2013 – The Lunar Saros:
Potential of the Lunar Saros before our birth
with Murray Beauchamp

The significance of the lunar eclipse prior to our birth has long been established in astrology, it has its roots in another time. Our prenatal lunar eclipse belongs to a series of eclipses named the lunar saros, with a lifetime of over 13 centuries, and an astrological birth long removed from the present. The birth of our series is relevant to our life. For full details of this event see Murray Beauchamp Workshop.
To book ph Rachel: 845 0292 or 021 0230 8014 or email     

Oct 20, 2013 – Traditional Predictive Astrology:
Natal Chart Delineation 
with Hamish Saunders  

This workshop will focus on laying the groundwork for a correct understanding of Classical Western Astrological natal chart interpretation practice. We will look at the “Golden Rules” of Hellenistic and Medieval Astrology and the primary factors to consider when interpreting the horoscope, including the very important Almutem Figuris, the true ruler of the natal chart.
For full details, see Medieval Astrology Workshop_20_10_13.
To book ph Hamish: (09)421 0033 or 021 299 1075 or email

Faye went on to give this workshop again at AA in London a year later.

Feb 11, 2012 – Vocational Profiling:              or
withFaye Cossar                                                   

The workshop will introduce ways, using astrology, to identify vocation, talents, strengths, personal styles, suitable types of work and ideal working environments including suitable collegues and bosses. Faye also covers broad vocational areas including ways to define blocks to achieving goals and building a CV or website, providing a comprehensive approach to her subject. To find out how to reserve a copy of Faye’s new book on this subject or for a reading with her, do see the flyer.
For full details, including Faye’s biography, see Faye Cossar flyer
For Bookings ph Rachel: 845 0292 or 021 023 0840 or email:
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